Sectors of Jobs

In Shipping we cater to following sectors ;
1. Offshore.
2. Liner Shipping.
3. Training.


1. Offshore we have a big pool of competent Indonesian Seafarers. With our comprehensive knowledge of local & International Shipping rules and regulations and certification requirement we keep our candidates and clients at level, which combined with competitive compensation and fair practices make us a industry leader.


2. Liner Shipping in terms of delivery of the ship, Keong Emas Internasional ( KEI ) improve the quality of service in terms of delivery and world class ship.


3. Training is our core competence and Currently we are expanding cooperation network in the field of offshore training program. Keong Emas Internasional KEI has been licensed agent at International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute, Inc ( IMOSTI ) Training center in Philipine for Dynamic Positioning course and all other offshore Training Program.

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